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Danish Association of Architects

Welcome to the Danish Association of Architects
The Danish Association of Architects is the only independent association of architects in Denmark. Since its foundation in 1879, the Danish Association of Architects has worked to support and promote the conditions of individual architects whilst ensuring architectural quality in our cities, buildings, landscape and environment.

The Danish Association of Architects currently has around 7,000 members, all of which are entitled to use the protected title MAA (Member of the Danish Association of Architects).

The association aims to advance and develop members’ interests across geographical regions and areas of expertise, as well as acting on behalf of members on legislative and regulatory issues to ensure the built environment is designed and managed by capable and proficient architects.

The Danish Association of Architects is a political organisation run by member engagement across our 7 local departments, with a representative committee, task forces and a secretariat in Copenhagen. The association works in the ‘service of architecture’ as a professional interest community but is not a trade union.

The Governing body consists of a 52-member council elected by the member community.

As a member of The Danish Association of Architects you are entitled to use the title MAA, which is a protected title for architects in Denmark. MAA is a mark of professional quality, as the title requires a completed master’s degree from either the Aarhus School of Architecture or the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture in Copenhagen, or a recognised international school of architecture.
Membership also involves ongoing professional development and further training.

The competitions department provides professional advice to both public and private developers that wish to run architectural competitions. The competitions department has the only network of professional judges in Denmark and is constantly working on the development and quality assurance of competition forms, progress documentation and participant conditions.

The Danish Association of Architects is engaged with current policy issues with the aim of ensuring the best conditions for individual architects and the highest quality for our common cities, buildings and environment. Areas of engagement include national and municipal architecture, sustainable architecture, architecture in vulnerable residential areas and architecture as a vehicle for improved quality of life.

The Danish Association of Architects is represented in a number of political and professional councils and boards, and we have strong international connections including membership of the ACE (The Architects Council of Europe), and the UIA (International Union of Architects), amongst others.

Courses and Careers
The Danish Association of Architects helps to ensure architectural quality and high standards of professionalism within all areas of the architectural profession. Toward this aim, we work to develop and offer relevant courses that can update professional qualifications and develop skills required by the ongoing development of society.

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In addition, the secretariat’s staff can be contacted directly. Please see our contact overview:  http://arkitektforeningen.dk/arkitektforeningen/sekretariat